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a sensory journey that nourishes the soul. 

behind the scenes



Indulge in the gift of scent with our gorgeous new mini Lumiére room mists! Choose from your favorite irresistible scent to fill your home as you spritz them or to gift to a loved one.


- Amber & Spice

- Blossom & Blush

- Cucumber Rose

- Gin & Tonic


- 50ml

I am mildly obsessed and wanted to say thank you for creating such a tangible and intangible beauty!

I do a lot of subconscious/ intangible design in the work I do and this candle is just NEXT LEVEL in creating a feeling.


I have just received my beautiful Frankincense candle. WOW. Thank you for creating the most beautiful product. I am 100% a fan for life now. The quality, speedy delivery, packaging and scent is exceptional.


These candles are freaking magical! I can see myself having one in literally every room. And I promise you guys, the quality is INSANE. It’s just phenomenal. The quality of the wax, everything. And I’m such a sucker for packaging. Even kept my box! I have never in my life smelt something so beautiful before! Out this world.


designed to take you on a journey

NEW: Eco-Refills

You have enjoyed countless hours of your favorite Lumiére candle and you’d like to begin your fragrance love affair over again. You can now pop and drop a eco-refill in your cleaned out Lumiére vessel in the comfort of your own home.


Discovery Set

We know scent is something that's deeply personal, especially when you're deciding what to bring into your home. That's why we've put together this convenient Discovery Set, so you can try out 5 of our latest fragrances at your own pace without any commitments or subscriptions. This set of 5 includes - amber & spice - blossom & blush - cucumber rose - gin & tonic - spicy clove & patchouli. We think your nose will be happy 😊



* Soy & coconut wax blend

* 100% natural wicks

* Hand-poured

* Not tested on animals

* Essential oil-based fragrance

* 8% fragrance

* A decedant 380g vessel

Corporate gifting

Quote of the month

"Burn a candle, not yourself."

– me -