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a sensory journey that nourishes the soul. 

behind the scenes


Anthracite & Ember

This is the fragrance I have been most excited about in this journey so far! Gosh but she is sexy!

This new fragrance opens up with apple, orange with hints of grapefruit leading into a heart of cinnamon, clove, peach and berry supported by base notes of vanilla. It's rather decedent if I do say so myself, and it reminds me of warm Gluhwein on a chilly winters evening sitting next to the fireplace. What makes this so delicious is the aromas released by the spices once heated.

I am mildly obsessed and wanted to say thank you for creating such a tangible and intangible beauty!

I do a lot of subconscious/ intangible design in the work I do and this candle is just NEXT LEVEL in creating a feeling.


I have just received my beautiful Frankincense candle. WOW. Thank you for creating the most beautiful product. I am 100% a fan for life now. The quality, speedy delivery, packaging and scent is exceptional.


These candles are freaking magical! I can see myself having one in literally every room. And I promise you guys, the quality is INSANE. It’s just phenomenal. The quality of the wax, everything. And I’m such a sucker for packaging. Even kept my box! I have never in my life smelt something so beautiful before! Out this world.


designed to take you on a journey

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Quote of the month

"All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle."

– Francis of Assisi -